Themis Sleeper Sofa, ROM Belgium


Themis Sofa Sleeper made off Leno Fabric in Taupe color
The beautiful THEMIS sofa sleeper by ROM will serve all of your needs. It is an impressive centerpiece to any room, and when needed it unfolds into a roomy bed for a comfortable night of sleep.
This item is available with a multitude of options and customizations, please call or e-mail to inquire.

W: 71 x D: 22/42 x H: 41
custom sizes available

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This model can be custom configured using 20 centimeter increments. Each side of the sofa can be shortened or extended by 20 centimeters at a time. Using ROM 20cm Configuration software you can also incorporate recliners, chase lounges, beds with high-quality Comfort Bulltex mattress, change seat firmness and add other features into the model. Lastly, you can apply and view different color fabrics and leathers, and even see examples of different colored stitching directly on the model that you build.

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