Themis Leather Sectional Sofa with Recliner, ROM Belgium

Themis Sectional made off Trentino Perle Leather
Country of Origin - Belgium. Rom. Available in different sizes, and fabrics. Please call for more info.
Choice of the size, by steps of 20cm. Zero-wall relax function - wall hugger, no clearance needed. Hidden release button, inside the armrest. Possibility to get a double electric recliner (side by side) in larger corner combinations (D). Vario function (électric) available : +/- 25cm. Sofa bed available. Choice of 3 foams: Bultex (37kg/m³), Biotex (55kg/m³) or Boxspring+ (2 layers of pocket springs + Biotex foam 55kg/m³). UK only: Choice of 2 foams: HR-Foam or Boxspring+ (2 layers of pocket springs + HR-Foam). 2 heights for legs. Adjustable headrest (even in the element „C“). Battery function available for all the elements, in option. Model available in two tone colour. Contrast stitching possible (without extra charge). With the fabric Skiro and leather Trentino+: choice between the 12 PRISMO thread colours (contrast stitching PRISMO). With all the other covers: imposed colour, see introduction (contrast stitching STANDARD). With leather models: SeatRefresh system included for free in each seat. Larger sofas or corners (in steps of 20cm), or other combinations than the ones suggested are also possible, on request.

W: 110/110 x D: 42/ 42 x H: 40
custom sizes

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This model can be custom configured using 20 centimeter increments. Each side of the sofa can be shortened or extended by 20 centimeters at a time. Using ROM 20cm Configuration software you can also incorporate recliners, chase lounges, beds with high-quality Comfort Bulltex mattress, change seat firmness and add other features into the model. Lastly, you can apply and view different color fabrics and leathers, and even see examples of different colored stitching directly on the model that you build.

About ROM

The manufacturer ROM Belgium has evolved and grown from a small manufacturer of laundry baskets over 50 years ago to a reference and a benchmark for high-quality custom living room furniture made in Europe. They do not mass produce furniture; ROM is focused on the individual customer and creates the model of your dreams according to your specifications.

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