Monaco Dining Table, Cattelan Italia


Design Giorgio Cattelan
The Monaco dining table designed by Giorgio Cattelan is perfect for a modern home through its unique minimal design and style. The distinctive base which forms a hollow rectangular frame is offered in Walnut, Oak or Marble. The top is available in Glass (8 sizes) and in Marble (2 sizes) . The two rectangular feet that support the base are finished in polished stainless steel. The Monaco is a remarkable table that can support the largest top this manufacturer produces and with the right chair, it can seat up to 14.
Price is for Monaco Dining Table L: 78.7 x D: 39.4 x H: 29 with Clear Glass and base in Canaletto walnut (NC) or Burned oak (RB).
The Monaco table ranges in price from $4,215.15 to $8,254.85 depending on size and material options.

L: 78.7 x D: 39.4 x H: 29
L: 79.5 x D: 42.5 x H: 28.7
L: 94.5 x D: 39.4 x H: 29
L: 94.5 x D: 47.2 x H: 29
L: 95.3 x D: 42.5 x H: 28.7
L: 118 x D: 39.4 x H: 29
L: 118 x D: 47.2 x H: 29

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