Mokambo Leather Sectional Sofa, Gamma International, Italy

The Mokambo Sectional Sofa by Gamma International provides the most luxurious and comfortable experience that is available from a sofa. Made with the finest leathers in the world, this sofa is handcrafted to the custom specifications of each customer.

Dimensions: L 135 x L 67 x D 38 x D 52 x H 30
HS: 16
Custom dimensions available.

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About Gamma Arredamenti
Gamma Arredamenti Gamma was started by two close friends, Gabriele Ghetti and Carla Botti, who shared a common passion for furniture. They each contributed their successful back rounds in administration and leather products to create Gamma International - from one small company that manufactured leather sofas only available in Italy. Gamma’s development was supported on the values of providing original, high quality products which brought the company international success. “Gamma USA” is a leader in the high-end upholstery business in the united states, and is also distributed in 64 countries worldwide.
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Texture Full Leather
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