Anastasia Premium Leather Sectional

The Anastasia sectional is crafted in a Auburn color which is made from the thickest and most durable leather featuring five adjustable headrests for greater comfort. This sectional can be ordered in a variety of colors for you to imbue your living room setting. Power recliner is controlled at the touch of a button and stops at any position.This sectional is ideal due to our wall hugger features in which you are able to place the recliner as close to the wall as you’d like. Our wall hugger recliner seat allows you to save space while providing maximum relaxation and comfortableness.

W: 105.8/89.7 x D: 41.7 x H: 29.5/38.1
HS: 18.5

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*Different Colors available as Special Order
*Please note special order options may take 3-4 months
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Texture Full Leather
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