Gloss Armchair, Gamma International Italy

The Gloss armchair style from Gamma Arredamenti’s Dandy collection is a beautiful representation of sophisticated style and superior craftsmanship. Plump arm cushions, a thick, spacious seat cushion and a pleasant contour combine to make the Gloss modern armchair a favorite for those who appreciate quality and who admire good taste.

Dimensions: L 32" x D 35" x H 34"

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Gloss puts the shine on your living room design. This beautiful modern armchair provides the perfect accent piece in your contemporary living space, bringing incredible style and enormous comfort into your home. Everyone appreciates a good chair, and this one is one of the best. The Dandy collection from Gamma Arredamenti is a wonderful group of gorgeous modern furniture designs, and the Gloss armchair style is one of the best examples of the collections sophisticated style. The beautiful living room furniture offers an incredibly cozy seat for you or your guests, providing plush and comfortable cushions that welcome you into its embrace. The luxurious armrests and curved contour combine to create a marvelous modern arm chair that perfectly completes your living room furniture design. The elegant bull hide leather upholstery speaks of the quality of the piece, and the unique fanned out circular base is just the right decorative accent.
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Texture Full Leather
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