Clover Coffee Table, Alivar Italy

The new CLOVER occasional tables are aptly named. The title of the range reveals the inspiration behind the design and definition of their shape. The three models may be grouped together to create a high-impact arrangement or positioned individually. CLOVER is a design element that, thanks to its triangular shape with rounded corners and lightweight structure, is highly practical as it easily fits in a variety of areas, thus optimizing space. The range is available with top in marble, glossy lacquered MDF or in "Terra di Galestro" glazed ceramic finishing and legs in die-cast aluminium chrome plated,black nickel or painted.

L: 19.7 x L: 22.4 x L: 27.6 x H: 18.5
L: 29.3 x L: 39.4 x L: 47.2 x H: 14.6
L: 23.2 x L: 26.8 x L: 37.8 x H: 11.8

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