Liscia 2 Sectors Sliding Doors Armoire, Tomasella Italy

Delicate color combinations for the plain door. Neutral, elegant colors that amaze for their versatility.

Compartment Width: 35 | 38.6 | 46 | 53.6
Height: 88| 94 | 100
Depth: 26.4

Door finishes: textured wood / matt materic / open pore materic / textured / knotted textured / open pore laquered / mand and gloss lacquer colours
About Tomasella

Tomasella was founded in 1948 by Luigi Tomasella, and quickly became one if the leading manufacturers in the Italian furniture trade.  Using the credo “Look to the past to interpret the future”, the company has stayed in the forefront of creative and technical innovation, while keeping in tune to the taste of our times. This can be seen in the in the wall units, wardrobes and beds-such as the “Origami”.  Tomasella has its own sales network, and is entering new global markets in Europe, Asia and the United States.  This furniture company, led by Luigi and his family today, has brought Italian furniture, both modern and classic, to new levels of interest and desire all over the world.

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