Innovation was founded in 1971 in Denmark and started with the production of beanbags. The company was finally founded in 1991 and today is one of the best international furniture enterprises.  Now, their beautiful designs and contemporary style is available around the globe.

Recast Sofa Bed

Their furniture combines style, functionality, and comfort to transform any regular home into a contemporary safe haven. Innovation is also a big believer in preserving the future. They have a certified environmental profile and all recyclable waste to make sure there is low-pollution and a healthier environment.

Innovation soon grew to become leaders in the sofa-bed industry. They produce the most comfortable and top notch sofa-sleepers in the industry. Their designs are elegant, comfortable, and affordable making them leaders in the industry.

Grand D.E.L. Sofa Bed

They offer the most contemporary designs with ranges of styles and colors to match any modern home. Each sofa looks good as a couch as well as a bed making it versatile and easy to match to a room. It’s small and sleek style makes it perfect for fitting in any size room.

At innovation, they ensure that each sofa-sleeper is unique and ever-lasting in terms of looks and comfort as well. Innovation provides amazing prices but quality and reliability are still a major importance to them.

Zeal Deluxe Daybed Wood

The very popular piece by Innovation is the Splitback Deluxe. This sofa bed is available in black leather textile and in medium and dark grey classic textile. Its modern design is classic and it has two individually adjustable parts with three positions. This sofa can transform into a bed and provides a contemporary feel to any room.

Splitback Sofa Sleeper

Innovation has a very wide customer base and amazing customer service. Along with offering great style, they also give you the option to customize your own sofa-sleepers with many options of colors and fabrics to match your own personal taste. Innovation will forever change your opinion about sofa-sleepers.

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