Incanto B602 Leather Sofa with headrest

The Incanto B602 leather sofa will give your contemporary living room a new level of class. This exquisite peice features top quality leather and is custom order form italy. The sofa is avaible in a large variety of configurations, sizes, colors, and leathers. Please give us a call for more information on this item.

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Manufactured by: INCANTO, Italy

Italy has been known as the center of all things temporally beautiful, and spiritual for many centuries; love, fine art, incredible food, and divinely inspired artists. And with INCANTO DIVANI's elegant leather furniture, that legacy continues.

INCANTO DIVANI literally means "divine utterance", and the designers at INCANTO have uttered some of the most divine Italian leather creations made.
The designers of the INCANTO GROUP have a mission. They are inspired.

That mission is to create. To create that inspiration in you with their delicious designs that are truly manna from heaven.

Art Nouveau's triumph; One of the most important manifestations in the second half of the 19th century was in the relationship between industry, applied arts, and architecture. The International Turin Exposition in 1902 was the first chance for a world-wide comparison between Italian tradition and the other big international countries, especially the European powers. It was an extremely successful exposition with great influence on Italian industrial design and on its specificity. It was the time of luxury and it was in this period that fanciful Italian furniture design came to life. Italian liberty then blossomed into vibrant life thanks to the great Italian artistic tradition.

INCANTO DIVANI are the creators of some of the very finest Italian leather furniture in Europe. It is nothing less than a divine inspiration to experience the unsurpassed beauty and exceptional comfort of INCANTO fine leather furniture. The many deep, rich colors. The luxurious softness of the very highest quality Italian leather. The brilliance of the designs, are what elevates INCANTO leather sofas and leather sectionals to stand in a class of their own.

Spectacular designs crafted into reality by the highly skilled hands of INCANTO's gifted artisans, creating with only the highest grade of soft leathers and hard woods result in the modern, contemporary Italian leather furniture that is of a superior quality in every way. Which is why when you experience the beauty and comfort of INCANTO leather sofas and leather sectionals, you will become infused with the same kind of inspiration that incepted the creations of such a high quality.
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Color Brown
Texture Full Leather
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