Drop Wall Unit, Cattelan Italia


Design Pierpaolo Zanchin
One of the only wall units that is guaranteed to catch your eye. An artful masterpiece that can be displayed in any room of the house or apt. The shape of a giant drop of water maximizes the wall space and even provides storage units inside the drop itself. Look at the picture carefully to see the details. Wall bookcase/wine rack in matt white (OP71), black (OP17), graphite (OP69) lacquered steel or in polished stainless steel with rack and shelf in matt white (OP71), black (OP17) or graphite (OP69) varnished steel or titanium (GFM11) embossed laquered steel with rack and shelf in matt black (OP17) varnished steel.

L: 27.5 x D: 9 x H: 47.6

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