Cuba Libre Sofa Sectional by Gamma International, Italy

We are proud to be the largest area’s premiere showroom for Gamma Arredamenti, maker of the finest quality leather sofas and sectionals that Italy has to offer. Come in to see what makes Gamma so different then everything else on the market. For about a third of a century, Gamma Arredamenti International has been manufacturing high profile Italian leather furniture satisfying most demanding and sophisticated tastes. Known for superior material characteristics, modern manufacturing processes, modern contemporary design with vast opportunities for customization and unconditional comfort, Gamma Arredamenti International modern Italian leather sofas and contemporary sectionals redefine quality and underlines authentic Italian craftsmanship and modern design.The Cuba Libre from Gamma's “Leather Chic” collection combines contemporary Italian style with fine quality craftsmanship, comfort and attention to detail. These details distinguish Gamma from any other leather manufacturers on the market. Finally, you can have a sofa that is as comfortable to sit on as it is beautiful to look at. The Cuba Libre is “La Dolce Vita” in a piece of furniture.

Dimensions: Custom dimensions

About Gamma Arredamenti
Gamma Arredamenti

Gamma only uses the top leathers from North European Bull hides. Bull hides are bigger than regular hides and have thicker skin. They also do not have mosquitoe bites or barb wire scars on their hides which makes them a more flawless leather. Six different grades of leather are available to find a perfect fit for your modern styled home.

Gamma offers over 450 colors of stitching as well as 30 different SKUs for each style of leather sofa or sectional. If you request it, they can make it. Gamma Arredementi takes pride in their beautiful Italian design and contemporary style.

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