Bond Sectional Sofa, Gamma International Italy

It may require more effort, demand more attention or take more time, but when it comes to quality, second best will not be enough. This Gamma International Sectional Sofa can be custom - ordered with a choice of hundreds of leathers and options. Bond Sectional Sofa by Gamma Arredamenti is available for quick ship in two beautiful finishes.
This item is available with a multitude of options and customizations, please call or e-mail to inquire.

W 134/69 x D 46/39 x H 31
HS: 17
Custom dimensions available.

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Bond Leather Sofa features beautiful design and perfect proportions, simple and passionate lines and harmony in forms. Made in Italy by Gamma Arredamenti, Bond Contemporary Sectional serves a daily purpose as an original and unique seating solution. Modern and unconventional, Bond Leather Sectional Sofa can be configured perfectly based on your space requirements and personal seating preferences.
About Gamma Arredamenti
Gamma Arredamenti

Gamma only uses the top leathers from North European Bull hides. Bull hides are bigger than regular hides and have thicker skin. They also do not have mosquitoe bites or barb wire scars on their hides which makes them a more flawless leather. Six different grades of leather are available to find a perfect fit for your modern styled home.

Gamma offers over 450 colors of stitching as well as 30 different SKUs for each style of leather sofa or sectional. If you request it, they can make it. Gamma Arredementi takes pride in their beautiful Italian design and contemporary style.

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