Weiman / Preview has been a leader in the contemporary furniture world for over forty years. Their upholstered furniture, sofas, sectionals, and chairs have made a big difference in modern furniture. They have made some of the most successful lines of furniture in the industry.

Their top designer, Vladimir Kagan, is one of the greatest designers of modern furniture today. His designs created a new style for furniture and became the 21st century’s contemporary role model.

Chloe Sofa

Weiman / Preview offers many fabrics and colors. Their leather collection, Colours, is a full grain protected aniline that is dyed for color and then receives a layer of pigment to ensure color consistency. Without pigment, protected leather is not color consistent. Since this is a full grain, that grain will vary from hide to hide, it is a more natural looking product that is instantly recognized as the High End beautiful natural product that it is. Expect natural characteristics such as healed scars, scratches, neck and belly wrinkles throughout the hides.

Capri Sectional

The next collection Weiman offers is called Ultrasuede Ambience. Ultrasuede Ambience offers environmentally conscientious products. The EcoDesign line from Ultrasuede utilizes Toray’s innovative recycling technology, resulting in reduced energy consumption and a more ecologically sound manufacturing process. Ambience’s soft, plush feel proves luxury and ecology can go hand in hand. That’s evident in the richness of its hand, the unmatched color palette, the superior durability, and its easy cleaning and maintenance. Ambiance combines the aesthetic appeal of the finest suede with the performance of the most advanced ultra-microfiber.