Skovby was founded in 1933 by a cabinetmaker named Thorvald Rasmussen. Together with his son, they created a company for durable and functional furniture design that has lasted ever since. In less than twenty years, Skovby furniture became an international dealership network. With a focus on craftsmanship and natural materials, Skovby has made a healthy growth in business.

Today, they focus on wooden tables, chairs, and more. Their combination of design and durability makes their furniture wanted all over the world. Skovby is now an international high-technology business with a positive environmental imprint.

Skovby offers a very wide variety of models, wood, and chair covers, making it very easy to match to your own personal style and taste. The collection contains endless options which make it possible to design your house the way you would like and choose your distinct expression and atmosphere in your home.

Skovby offers dining tables, dining chairs, TV furniture, storage furniture, coffee tables, and much more. Each piece is designed especially for your modern and contemporary styled home. Their use of wood along with their unique craftsmanship gives a light and sleek look to each and every piece.

Skovby was among the first to come up with functional extension systems for tables. Some of their tables such as the #24 Table can be extended from six to twenty seatings. It is extended by pulling the two ends of the table apart, unfolding the “leaves” from underneath, and fixing them into place by pushing the ends together again. Another popular extendable table is the #32 round table. This circular table has three folding leaves stored in the base of the table. By turning the tabletop, the table splits into three and provides room to release and unfold the leaves when light pressure is applied.

These tables are designed and patented b y M. Arch. Per Hånsbæk who has been the main partner in the creation of Skovby products for over twenty years. Hånsbæk not only designs tables but also chairs, cabinets, and living room furniture as well. One of his latest designs is called MODO, a modular system designed for any modern or contemporary styled dining room or living room.

This amazing Danish company combines their excellent craftsmanship, unique style, and affordable prices to make the innovative designs that have turned their company into a growing and successful industry.