Made from the best of Belgium design, ROM is known to provide a remarkable amount of customization opportunities as well as the most current hi-tech features. This is what sets ROM miles ahead of all other modern contemporary furniture designers.

 ROM Themis sofa

Create the sofa of your dreams; surround yourself in comfort by adding the unique custom options ROM has to offer such as the terminal feature. By replacing a classic sofa arm with a terminal, the arm is removed and in its place is additional seating. A terminal can be added on to one or both ends of a sofa, forming unexpected modern curves; a perfect example of this can be seen in the . With its straight lines and lightly tufted sides, the Themis sofa can work well in different settings. The Themis sofa is also a part of the 20cm premium collection. Along with 20 other models, ROM has the ability to build your sofa in increments of 20 cm. This technology allows you to maximize your measurement to design a sofa that perfectly fits your space.

ROM Deimos sofa

The which is part of the 20 cm premium collection highlights on additional advantages ROM has to offer. Focused on your comfort level, Deimos has capabilities for adjustable headrests. This allows you to maneuver the cushions into the utmost comfortable positions. If it’s an adjustable footrest you have in mind for your tired feet, ROM has perfected the art of the recliner. Make one seat recline by combining the relax feature into your sofa or let everyone enjoy with the Dual-relax feature. Decide between manual and power reclining functions .These are just a few examples of the numerous custom options ROM gives to you.

ROM Smile sofa

Finishes by ROM are extensive as well. Divided into 4 grades, explore the endless variety of fabric patterns and colors by ROM. The Smile sofa flaunts the imaginative combinations one can craft. Being part of the Rouge collection, the Smile sofa seems to act out its name by smiling back to you. The sofa can be seen through the ROM website using 5 different fabrics at once, blending soft and bold tones and textures. The result is a one of a kind work of art. If it’s leather you wish for, the Montana and Trentino lines in 100% European leather have you covered. Supple pastels to dark neutrals plus every color in between provide you with the choices ROM is known for. Man-made leathers and ultra suede’s are available in a broad palette of tints and hues as well. ROM takes pleasure in catering to the needs and wishes of its clients. As the consumer, you become the designer, down to the feet of your sofa; it’s all up to your imagination.