The manufacturer ROM Belgium has evolved and grown from a small manufacturer of laundry baskets over 50 years ago to a reference and a benchmark for high-quality custom living room furniture made in Europe. They do not mass produce furniture; ROM is focused on the individual customer and creates the model of your dreams according to your specifications.

 With its sofas, ROM is a unique leader in the dense sofa sleeper market. While most sleeper sofas transform into a decent sized bed, they are mainly intended for the guest room for in-laws or any visitors. They are convenient but can have you investing up to $1000 or more into a sofa that is used only a couple of days a month. ROM makes excellent sofas and sectionals that will easily last ten years or more. One of the many features of ROM is the ability to conceal a Comfort Bultex memory foam bed in twin, full, or queen - depending on width of sofa. Bultex is a French company that has specialized in advanced sleep technology for over 40 years. They are one of the leaders in the European mattress sector and are able to keep that status by constantly innovating and improving their products and their dedication to always keep their manufacturing inside France.

 ROM Atria Sofa-Sleeper

 This bed is one of the features of ROM's 20CM collection. The incredible sofas in this collection can be stretched and contorted in increments of 20CM, and it is easy to add any feature such as recliner, chaise lounge, or Bultex sleeper. The clever mechanism sits under the seats concealed within the base. With one easy motion the whole thing slides out easily because it's on wheels. Once you pulled it out you grab a handle and pull the mattress up and towards yourself. It is stored folded in half but within seconds it unfolds and a leg for extra support opens up. Depending on the width of the bed, two adults can sleep comfortably and have a full, refreshing night of sleep as if they were sleeping in your own bedroom. Using the 20CM configuration, the same concealed mechanism can easily come out of a sectional as well.  Sofas such as the Deimos are one of the many in the collection which can have the sleeper feature. More sofas in that collection include the Themis, Chronos, Zelos, Helena and many others. ROM has recently added three models called Mira, Sirius, and Leonis into what they call the 20CM Equinoxe collection. These sofas can still be customized to your specifications with a lot of cool extra features such as hidden storage and variety of armrests, but they offer an amazing new way for the sofa to transform into a sleeper With 3 choices of arms, 3 choices of mattress and hundreds of other features and upholstery the sofa is custom-tailored to you. It's your choice!

 The innovative convertible sleeper sofas and sectionals in the Equinoxe collection have the latest advancements to allow easy transformation into a bed without compromising the integrity or comfort of the sofa. There is a handle behind the back cushions and if you pull towards you; in just a few moments the back and seats cleverly fold over and a comfortable mattress appears. The mattresses in these models are available in Comfort Bultex, Privitex, or Biotex. These options affect the density and composition of the foam used in the seats and the mattress allowing you to choose a more soft or firm sleeping surface.

ROM Deimos Sectional

 If you are looking for a high quality sofa or sectional for your living room or family room that can withstand years of daily service and can sleep guests comfortably with an easy conversion, look no further than ROM. ROM has dozens of options and hundreds of upholstery options to suit your every need.