The company Miniforms was established in Italy in the 1970s selling small tables and furnishing accessories. They then expanded their collection to chairs, tables, and bookcases. Today, Miniforms produces accessories for homes with authentic materials, bold colors, and clean primary lines. They use materials ranging from solid wood to sheet steel, glass, aluminum, and other environmentally compatible materials.

Miniforms is made of discrete and functional things, where a few items rich or charm and personality can do the difference and make your home all more magical.

Practical and characterizing, Miniforms tables are easily used in every environment. They offer extensive dining tables with beautiful lines, colors, and finishes. Each table is practical and discrete making it easy to match to any dining chair and any room.

Miniforms features a beautiful line of chairs and seating. The collection combines simple materials and comfortable forms in order to make beautifully designed chairs. Their chairs can be used in any contemporary styled home, offices, restaurants, and more. Their simple but modern design is available in many finishes and colors to add your own personality to your home.

Miniforms has a beautiful collection of entertainment centers, buffets, and cabinets. The famous Caixa XL is a sideboard cabinet with an integrated stereo system. It is supplied with speakers, amplifier, IPod dock, and remote control. It is available in white, red, or black and can be combined with Canaletto walnut or sawn effect oak. It is a sleek, ultra-sexy cabinet with a micro-desk designed for laptop usage and storage.

Miniforms manufactures many funky looking accessories such as their mirrors, coat hangers, coffee tables, and more. Their unique and funky collection of coat hangers transforms the entrance of your home into a contemporary and fun environment as soon as you step inside.

The famous Otto Table has an organic shape of the tempered glass top which creates a table that can be both used as a dining table or office desk with a wide surface to work/design/dine or cook on.

The most unique and attention grabbing pieces in the Miniforms collection are their mirrors, clothes hangers and other accessories. The Adamo and Eva mirrors take the shape of a man or woman cutouts and will liven up your space. The outstanding Breccia mirror has one corner that's backlit in LED and glows in many different colors - available in different sizes. The Typeface mirror is compromised of different lengths of mirror stacked and arranged in a metal frame. The Leaf wall anger looks like a futuristic beehive with its hexagonal leaves. Leaf can be ordered in white, yellow, red, green, or black. The Rombo is more of a work of art then a place to hang clothes. With its extremely bold architectural design, this piece is a true illustration of style. Think of your favorite city every time you use the wall mounted Skyline clothes hanger; perfect for entranceways, bedrooms, bathrooms, or anywhere. The Match Box is the perfect sum of simple style and practicality. It is made from laser-cut steel that is then bended. The bottom slot is perfect for storing umbrellas while hanging clothes on the top of the structure.

Miniforms is a unique Italian company that has the freedom to adopt and manufacture any cool and unique modern designs they stumble across. They work with the geniuses of European and Italian design to bring something never before seen to the furniture market. Miniforms innovates and paves the way with new and interesting designs and styles and that is why they are a truly excellent company.

Each uniquely designed piece ensures great outstanding quality at affordable prices.