Cierre’s quality design has always been in craftsman’s workshop. Although nowadays production methods in Italian sofa creation have changed, these basic principles are still relevant in Cierre’s production. Cierre’s factory in Italy has certainly increased since their beginning in the mid-seventies, and today it is located on a 12,000 square meters surface. They currently have 130 leather craftsmen that with their unique and irreplaceable skills and experience make up the future of Cierre. Known mainly for its creations in leather, their style and quality surpass that of many of its competitors. Their new furniture collections have resulted in creative projects, combining elegance with high quality, arts with technique. Following this idea, they have started to design all their products as icons of contemporary life. The Summer is one of its most popular sofa sectional series. With it’s clean lines and single cushion seats, and simple chrome base, it’s the quintessential addition to any modern living room interior.

Cierre Summer Sectional

Cierre Chicago Leather Sectional