While a sofa and coordinating set can provide multiple ways to arrange your living room – some prefer the infinite creative options that a sectional can offer, allowing a myriad of configurations for an on demand change whenever you are seeking a fresh new look. The Chateau d’Ax Sectionals deliver the versatility necessary to achieve an abundance of transformations that will appeal to your personality and aesthetic preferences, while establishing a contemporary ambiance within your living space. Invest in a sleek linear style that will remain a timeless asset among your furnishings or select an eclectic alternative to capture the diverse spirit of your home environment

Benji Sectional

A stunning component of soft minimalism adorned by a burst of color or an unusual accent might be the ideal canvas to illustrate your audacious nature as seen within the Benji Sectional. This piece is anything, but conventional with its undulating curves and pillow inspired backrests. Upholstered in a foundation of blemish free top grain Italian leather – the seats feature an ancillary padded cushion layer affixed to an additional partial backrest wrapped in an elegant and vividly colored fabric to awaken the energy of this extraordinary sectional. The base seat and back cushions are filled with dense yet pliant polyurethane foam to hug your body, while rebounding to original embodiment upon release. This artistic rendering with hints of whimsical grace will sit as a singular structure within the center of any chamber to create a focal point of absolute awe or will bolster a wall or corner as a detached set for an all-encompassing layout.

Pizzica Sectional

The Pizzica Sectional will situate beautifully within an open area of enormity, while filling it with its commanding presence, showcasing the breadth of the anchoring armrests that delineate its architectural form, the spacious seat cushion of the sumptuous chaise for optimal lounging, and the shroud of top grain Italian leather embracing every inch of the exterior surface for enhanced luxury. Built upon a break and warp resistant hardwood frame, this skillfully crafted haven of modern innovation will leave you breathless as you revel in the comfort of its numerous adjustable headrests designed to operate independently, adapting to the head and neck support needs of every individual seated, while providing ergonomic reinforcement. The life and performance of each cushion will exceed all expectations resulting from the inner elastic webbing system embedded within the high density foam interior.

Silhouette Sectional Sofa

Modular pieces are the perfect solution to the evolving needs of a family home, allowing you to adapt your interior design to the utility of your household, whether it is to accommodate daily living, social gatherings or seasonal modifications. The harmonious continuity of the Silhouette Sectional elevates with enigmatic refinement always revealing another level of enchantment from the adaptability of its upholstery to the warm and inviting contours of its curvaceous profile. Tufting accents upon a fabric or leather covering emphasize the romantic arches that set this piece apart, along with its intricate craftsmanship.