Calligaris produces high quality and reliable tables. Complete line of Calligaris tables includes dining tables, coffee tables, side and console tables, expandable and one size, made of glass and wood, and all with unique shapes and designs. Although Calligaris offers a variety of tables, they are famously known for dining tables.

When people say table they immediately envision a dining table. Good example of Calligaris dining tables that are perfect match for a modern household is Sigma Glass and Sigma Wood expandable dining tables. This new product is an ingenius space saver and has exceptional quality, it is imported from Italy. They can be ordered in multiple sizes. The Sigma Glass is available in two sizes, one size seats eight and another that seats ten. Customers have the ability to choose the leg finishes of either grey, white, walnut, dark grey, or wenge (espresso) color. Above the legs consumers can choose between ceramic stone that comes in a dark grey/black top or glass colors black, white, or grey, or lastly tempered white or black glass. The Sigma Wood table is available in three sizes, one seats eight, one seats ten and one seats twelve comfortably. Appearing delicate, this glass table is actually very sturdy and durable. The thin chrome frame contrasts the glass nicely. It can comfortably seat six normally, when it extends can fit eight, and a double extension will seat all ten people.

Calligaris Sigma dining table

Another example of extendable table is the Tower table. This table has the ability to either extend on one side, or both. A large array of finishes are available. Chrome legs can be paired with a grey colored glass top, or a white colored, either regular glass or tempered. Customers have the option to get wooden legs as well, in either walnut color, wenge (espresso) color, or dark grey/black wood. On the table's top it can be grey, white, or tempered white glass. Another available option is unique in the fact that it features both a glass top and glass legs, making this peice very luxurious. The thin chrome frame contrasts the glass nicely. Appearing delicate, this glass table is actually very sturdy and durable.

Calligaris Tower dining table

Calligaris also offers extendable oval shaped tables, such as the Odyssey and the Orbital. Despite their shape, these tables have the advanced and unique style of completely hiding the extendable leafs underneath the table, not visible to any eye. The Odyssey has a unique contemporary look and is perfect for any dining room. It seats six individuals when closed, but when open and fully extended it can fit eight parties comfortably. Customers can order the base of the table in chrome, then choose between leg finish of either Black or Walnut colored wood. Additionally, consumers have the elegant appearance with the top in finished black glass.

Calligaris Odyssey table

The round Acacia is a modern tempered glass table featuring a three stem base which resembles branches. The Acacia comes in two sizes, small and large. The smaller edition is about 48 inches across and can seat 5 people. It is available with a Black or White base, and either Black, White, or Grey glass on the top. The larger edition of Acacia is about 56 inches across and is capable of seating about 7 people. As like the smaller one, the larger table has base colors of Black and White available for customers. In addition, the top surface glass colors are offered in either Grey or White color.

Calligaris Acacia table

For every table model Calligaris offers, different colors, sizes, and finishes are available for customers to choose. Special orders can take up to 3 months. As an authorized dealer, NEO Furniture is proud to offer a complete line of modern tables produced by Calligaris. With Massachusetts store in Framingham at 279 Worcester Rd, NEO Furniture is convenient throughout the Greater Boston and Metro West area.