Chairs are just one of the many products manufactured by Calligaris. They depict many furniture combination options for their customers. With leather coverings being one of them, consumers can design their chairs with specified colors of either Vintage Leather (real leather) or Cuoio Leather (Regenerated leather). On the other hand, they offer multiple fabric coverings such as Brighton, Rio, New Delhi, Olso, Evolution, Kama, Gummy, etc. Also, when choosing fabric coverings customers still have the options of a variety of colors.

Calligaris Styleline Dining Chair

Next, Calligaris also has multiple leg and base finishes to choose from. Each model has select finishes such as Chrome or Wood to complete each set of chairs. The color choices for solid wood finishes consist of Walnut and Wenge (Espresso color). The metal finishes either come in Chrome (Shiny) or Satin steel. Only select modeled chairs are even offered with leather finishes of the base and legs. Each chair is represented with different chair heights and depths as well. These dimensions can be correlated to the type of finish chosen by each customer.

Calligaris Wien Kitchen Chair

Consumers have the ability to mix and match available frames and leg basis with certain colors in fabric or leather covers. Calligaris brilliantly designed a Velcro fabric cover that’s available in multiple colors and can easily be replaced and purchased separately in case of accidents that rip or stain the fabric. The chairs that offer this convenience are the Etoile Chair and the Annie Chair. Similar options are available on the Bess Chair and the Basil Chair. The unique designs with these allow owners to easily unscrew the seats from each base and attach them to another base. The MÉDITERRANÉE Chair and the Saint Tropez Chair are manufactured the exact same way.