Calligaris has established itself as a manufacturing giant over its 90 years of operation. Calligaris has been able to propel itself into the top of the market thanks to a passion for materials, maximum product reliability, great ingenuity and attention to the needs of modern-day living.

Omnia Dining Table

Calligaris is the king of authentic and truly affordable Italian Home Design. It is one of the only companies that has reasonable prices while still manufacturing in Italy. Calligaris is an Italian manufacturer that focuses almost solely on dining room furniture. Their products include a lot of designs that also provide great functionality. Most of their tables are extendable and can seat up to 12 people when extended in some cases. You can get glass extendable tables or wooden extendable tables. Their items are also great because each item can have a wide variety of colors and finishes. You can get a black glass table or get the same table in a clear glass. You can get a glass top table, or get it as a high gloss table. If you want a genuine Italian dining chair or Italian dining table, Calligaris is the best reasonably priced Italian manufacturer. You can get an Italian glass table like the Hyper table, a pedestal round table like the Planet table, or a super modern table like the Tower table. Calligaris is today a company that takes on a completely new international identity, guided by a brand strategy that involves the entire company structure, from the points of sale to promotional communication. Passion, reliability and expertise are the basis of the company culture, factors that have allowed constant growth, strongly oriented towards innovation.

Planet Dining Table

Fundamental elements of Calligaris success are a vast, continually updated range of products and a network of resellers positioned in the most strategic areas of the planet, where the spirit of the Calligaris “Home” is reproduced to give the consumer the best possible way of experiencing the brand and the product.