Alivar is a brilliant Italian designer furniture company designed for lovers of warm form, elegance, and maximum comfort. ALIVAR was established in 1984, inspired by the idea of re-enacting some of the masterpieces of modern furnishing and design history. They are one of the few companies that produce a full and complete range of furniture and accessories designed by their own team of fabulous artists and designers.

Today, Alivar is a highly dynamic company that enhances its production range with furnishings of minimalistic designs expressed in the language of materials and colors. Their sleek and modern design of cupboards, bookcases, tables, beds, and chairs is welcoming, comfortable, and extremely eye catching. Their living room collections are complete with sofas, armchairs, recliners, poufs, and sophisticated TV support elements that are impossible to resist; as well as a sophisticated bedroom collection that features a pure and minimal style of beds and furnishings.

Tailor Sofa

The focus of Alivar is on practical functionality with no excessive decorative elements featuring the purest and sleekest styles. Each object has an enhanced distinctive personality with an accent on the pure Italian leather and stainless steel framework.

Alivar uses only high-quality prime Italian raw materials and components and apply distinctive marks to their products to guarantee the genuine Italian origin of the product.

Alivar has complete important projects all over the world such as the furnishings of the Grand Hotel Valencia Palace and the Black House in Knokke, Belgium. Their famous works in the United States include furnishing the Citibank Offices, Sony Lobbies, Ann Taylor Shops, Bergdorf Goodmann, Barney’s New York, Daniel Day Lewis, Don Johnson and Jennifer Lopez’s California dream house.

They have taken care of the interiors of hospitals, banks, museums, libraries, cruise ships and designed the insides of cafés, restaurants, hotels, and a countless amount of residences. The quality of the production and reputation of the trademark allows Alivar to gain a respected name in the field of Italian furniture and design.

Vernissage Dining Table

Alivar features a truly modern and refined style, ideal for those who seek simplicity in all things, and those who consider the functionality of objects that surround them as being of primary importance