Stress Free Mattress

Removable and Washable Comfort Pad Another mattress innovation from the bedding leader Istikbal!
Stress Free mattress has a removable comfort layer that can be washed without losing its stress relieving features.
Along with being a great source of comfort, Stress Free is a practical and easy to keep clean mattress.
Impermeable Top Surface A layer of impermeable fabric keeps your mattress clean and provides a hygienic sleep environment for years.
The liquid repellant fabric right under the comfort layer pad prevents liquids from being soaked up beneath.
Enjoy the fully orthopedic and firm support of a superior spring system.
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The anti-static pad and ultra orthopedic structure work together for an enhanced sleep.
Stress Therapy Technology by Istikbal presents a brand new way to leave the day’s stress behind.
The Stress Therapy Technology relies on a specially developed mattress fabric that won’t let static build up, and frees up the already built up static as soon as you get into bed.
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