Comfort Dual 9 Firm Mattress, Magniflex Italy

Mattress Comfort 9 is the part of DolceVita collection from Magniflex. The creation of Dolce Vita has drawn its inspiration from our bestselling products. It combines the excellence of the Made in Italy label with the Italian lifestyle. These models have been studied to make repose even sweeter and more enjoyable, because sleep is the most important pleasure of life. Additional information: * Cover in Natural Viscose & Outlast
* 1" Memoform (memory foam)
* 1/2" Super Soft Fiber
* 1" Memoform (memory foam)
* 6 1/2" Elioform (firm support foam)

Height 9"

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Height: 9''
Level of comfort: Firm / Extra Firm
Cover: OutlastĀ® / Viscose
Warranty: 20 years
Certifications: OEKO - MADE IN ITALY
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