As urban populations continue to rise and affordable rentals plummet the concept of micro living has gained a large following. The ideas behind this minimal lifestyle resonate with manufacturer GUS. Specializing in durable furnishings for the savvy cosmopolitan, designs by GUS are made for apartments in the city. Loft series by GUS is a collection crafted with scale, proportions and versatility specifically for small space living. A properly designed floor plan with transforming furniture can make a home small or large perform like a space twice its size.

Harbord Loft Bi-Sectional

Entertaining a crowd of friends can be a challenge no matter how many square feet are involved. Proportional and comfortable seating will ensure guests feel taken care of during their stay. Create a dream living room in a studio or penthouse with the Spencer Loft Bi-Sectional from the Loft series. Compact in dimensions, Spencerloft Bi-Sectional is composed of blind-tufted cushions with a steel base securing its resilience. Constructed with certified wood in support of responsible forest management, Spencerloft Bi-Sectional is adaptable to any floor plan. This refined mid-century modern sectional can be arranged in numerous configurations. Other slender sectionals designed for small homes are the Harbord Loft Bi-Sectional and the Jane Loft Bi-Sectional. For those wanting a sofa as an alternative to a sectional, the Carmichael Loft Sofa is ideal. Blending traditional and contemporary details, the polished look of Carmichael Loft Sofa will make a statement in any urban retreat. The extra tall backrest provides a regal presence while the lean arms maximize seating space. Compliment any sofa or sectional with the modernized club chair called High Park Chair and create a cozy space that encourages conversation. By utilizing furnishings that are multipurpose and made environmentally responsible, minimalists can have a miniature haven in the city.

Jane Loft Bi-Sectional

Snug surroundings may not thrill the average person however lower energy and heating bills are motivating perks to life in a mini home. GUS has made micro living chic by capturing the market in creative space planning. Catering to small apartments, GUS has employed strategies that open up the tiniest floor plans by using smartly designed storage to hide clutter and stops confusion over a rooms function. Placing lightweight looking furniture in a small space like the leggy walnut and stainless steel base of the Annex Cabinet, Annex Media Stand and Annex Credenza will not hinder the views of the passage or the floor, creating a more open and airy space. Metal and glass accent furniture consume very little visual space. The Acrylic I-Beam Table is a delicate interpretation of steel I-Beam construction girders. Designed with clear acrylic panels, the Acrylic I-Beam Table plays with light to create an amusing side table. Huddle a few together for a unique and weightless coffee table. An additional option is the Timber Table which combines form and function. Timber Table is an acrylic side table with a wood grain motif on all five-sides, providing an outdoor feel in a modern way. Timber Table can be used as a fun storage solution by flipping its hollow side up. For a sculptured appearance the Glacier End Table is crafted from brushed stainless steel. Inspired from the rocky terrain of Canada, the shimmering surface of the Glacier End Table is as cool as ice and reflective which works well in petite living areas.

Annex Media Stand

The idea of hosting a dinner party in a pint size apartment would make any city dweller run for the hills in search of more space. GUS has designed the Portage Extending Dining Table to transform any space into a stylish dining room. The Scandinavian-inspired dining table has been purposely crafted for small dining rooms. Self contained leaves expand from below the tabletop for extra dinner guests. Built with an inner extension system which is engineered with all solid wood parts,the Portage Extending Dining Table is a timeless design which will fit a range of décors. Stackable dining chairs like the Church Chair finish a dining room without absorbing much space.A bent-plywood seat and back with powder-coated metal frame are delicate and airy. Dining chairs that easily transition to a living room like the Thompson Chair are valuable in a small space. Thompson Chair is substantial which allows it to blend into a living room setting.

Thompson Chair

Never underestimate the power of good lighting in any space, especially the little ones. Manufacturer GUS knows the importance of sophisticated light fixtures. Balanced lighting can change a space dramatically. The wall-mountable Vintage Swing Arm Lamp has an effortless style that takes up almost no space, making it easy to use in an array of rooms. The cantilevered arm is finished in stainless steel with the ability to rotate 180 degrees. Shed some light on furnishings and accessories with the filament light bulb that gives the Vintage Swing Arm Lamp its antique charm. For a more multipurpose light fixture the Loft Series includes Lightbox. Not only is this sculptural lamp funky to look at while casting a warm glow, Lightbox serves as a stool and side table as well. Small in stature, cluster Lightbox around a large coffee table as an amusing dining and lounge area. No matter how well designed a space is, an overload or lack of lighting can alter the ambiance and colors in a home.

Living in a metropolitan city can be exhilarating. Small apartments come with the territory yet manufacturer GUS has created a collection of furniture that will enhance a space with transforming furniture. Sleek and minimal, pieces have been created to be visually light and functional. Being an environmentally responsible manufacturer, GUS creates all of its furnishings with purpose.