Alterno Multifunctional Wall Unit, Sangiacomo Italy

Alterno L2-27 Multifunctional Wall Unit by Sangiacomo, Italy in walnut veneer and matt bianco lacquer.
This item is available with a multitude of options and customizations, please call or e-mail to inquire.

Dimensions: W 130" x H 81" x D 14" - 22"

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Contemporary living follows mingling logics. Rooms blend, spaces become smaller and take on a dual identity. In this case, the living area includes a study corner that is entirely back-to-wall thanks to a system of Alias units that alternate open and closed spaces with a supporting board used with a wall-hung element. Utmost functionality with restricted depths.
Slenderness means agile transformations, even where spaces are concerned. Thanks to its reduced depth and to the sliding doors, Alias makes it possible to stand a TV set on top of the wall-hung unit with its large storage capacity. The study becomes a living room again and reading gives way to technology.
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