B 814 Leather Sectional, Natuzzi Editions

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B 814 Leather Sectional, Natuzzi Editions

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This gorgeous Natuzzi Editions sectional is displayed with a lounge chair, a one-seater, and a recliner at the end. Customers can mix and match certain pieces to design a perfect sectional for their home. Although all products are customizable and can be created for any contemporary or modern household, specified products are available within 2 weeks in our Quick-ship program.

This item is available with a multitude of options and customizations, please call or e-mail to inquire.


This model is only available for delivery within 50 miles from our store. Price is shown in grade 10 leather.

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Texture Full Leather

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Recognized worldwide for its novel designs with sectionals, Natuzzi has become one of the principal Italian manufacturers of leather upholstered furniture. Natuzzi Editions sectionals have a quality that only comes from decades of perfecting. Sectionals designed by Natuzzi do not just give the best in quality; they give you styles that are top current trends all over Europe. Each model of sectionals offers a wide range in styles that makes Natuzzi an easy choice for any décor. From modern and contemporary designs to more classic features, there are options that will appeal to every palette.
Browse a complete collection of Natuzzi leather types. Leather upholstery expresses a natural nobility. This highly valued material isn't just long-lasting, but improves in appearance as the years pass. It's strong, flexible and naturally adapts to the shape of your body to offer the utmost comfort. Cool in summer and warm in winter, leather upholstery is easy to care for. Natuzzi, the world's leading producer of leather sofas, offers you an unparalleled choice of products in two families: Natural and Protecta.

Natuzzi - the pursuit of real beauty and superior quality. The harmony of forms, materials and colors. Endless possibility of personalizing every choice in the creation of your living room, combining a sofa with lamps, rugs, coffee tables, wall units and accessories. These are the values describing the collection of Natuzzi furniture you are about to discover. Natuzzi collection fully expresses versatility of choice, preciousness of materials and sophistication in detailing and finishes. Exclusive models that emanate a style built on simplicity and good taste, on pleasure of life that aren’t only aesthetic but also reflect delight in craftsmanship and the indulgence of comfort.