The Eilersen brand in the new millennium has had focus on more modern designs, from designers like C. F. Møller, Morten Voss and Jens Juul Eilersen. Their designs combine subtle elegance with various expression and style but always keeping the modern touch of an Eilersen. Their line features primarily sofas, but also a wide selection of lounges, chairs, tables, and stools. Customization is a key part of Eilersen’s practice. Eilersen knows that purchasing a sofa is no small decision, and they do everything they can to guide you through it. First you pick a sofa model, then you configure the sofa with dimensions and options that suit you and your home. Each individual component has various sizes that you can choose from. You can decide between a regular sofa, a modular one, or perhaps a sectional with a chaise lounge and a footstool. Next you choose what kind of fabric or leather you would like, as well as color. Then you configure the options, such as types of pillows, style of legs, whether or not you want goose down or foam granules in the cushions and much much more.

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