Table Lamps

Stop reading in the dark it hurts your eyes, upgrade the story with a nice table lamp. Apply the correct lighting needed for each room in the house for various activities. Each of our table lamps offer different lighting and designs. The manufacturers that we trust to deliver inferior products are New Spec and Cierre. Decide what you need, then take your needs to our website and customize the lamp that fits your personality and lighting needs.

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  • Seven Table Lamp, Cattelan Italia

  • Venezia Table Lamp, Cattelan Italia

  • Doppler Wall Lamp, Bonaldo Italy

  • Eclipse Table Lamp, Miniforms Italy

  • CS/8024-TS Pom Pom Table Lamp, Calligaris Italy

  • Sablier Table Lamp, Cattelan Italia

  • Medusa Table Lamp, Cattelan Italia

  • CS/8016-T AndromedaTable Lamp, Calligaris Italy

  • CS/8022-T Baku Table Lamp, Calligaris Italy

  • CS/8017-T Cygnus Table Lamp, Calligaris Italy

  • CS/8024-T Pom Pom Table Lamp, Calligaris Italy

  • CS/8007-T Sextans Table Lamp, Calligaris Italy

  • Andromeda Lamp, Cierre Italy

  • Saturno Lamp, Cierre Italy

  • Bolero Table Lamp, Cattelan Italia


24 Item(s)

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